With years of affluent industry expertise and experience, we take pride in providing an extensive range of Organic Honey (Premium Natural Honey) along with natural honey , Persian Sidr Honey , Mountain Honey, Multiflora Honey , Honey Comb and more… . Our Honey is quality assured and comply with international industry standards.

We have several hundred beehives that are working in high mountains and green lands that are fed by medicinal plants.

Country of Origin (Refered to the company location) Iran.

Buyers can expect superior grade pieces, reliability and admirable specifications in 2-3 per racking price, having no match. Our Organic Honey (specially Sidr Honey) are demanded by local as well as international clients owing to the quality and our reputable position in the market.

We are interacting with lot of beekeepers who always use a traditional method and do not use any chemical or drugs, we can supply Organic/Natural Honey.

Our professional enterprise boast annual production of Large racking under a highly strict quality control system, making Mr.Bee a reliable Manufacturer and exporter of Sidr Honey (Persian Sidr Honey). We are accepting orders for Honey with minimum order quantity of 1 MT. For utmost customer satisfaction a high level of transparency and proper documentation is maintained on purchases.

We use Iran port for shipping operations and deliver orders in 14-21 Business Days via FOB, CIF. Located in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan, we collaboration with numerous local and international distributors, catering to buyers all over Iran and other foreign markets. For payment we entertain IRR,USD and T/T, L/C.